• Some details by realBOT dividend payouts:

    realBOT trading date: 30/06/2020 - 15/08/2020
    Dividend % from holding RBCM amount: 17.34%
    Dividend currency: Tether (USDT)
    RBCM price during the trading period: 2.50 USDT

Q&A 24/03/2020 - F.A.Q. (NEW Q/A)


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Nov 30, 2019
F.A.Q. (NEW Q/A):

A new portion of questions from our community:


QUESTION: Do you think the govs will emit a digital of fiats like USDC or digital euro?

ANSWER: They already created them but failed. Neither the euro nor the digital dollar will be the main digital asset, nor is it bitcoin. It will exist only in the form of a backup digital asset, along with the main one, which is still under development. As you know, the authorities always want to control everything that's why bitcoin is a non-grata currency, but they have a significant part of this asset (through the purchase of entire exchanges), but they can't control and manipulate it fully. Current manipulations are just a drop in the bucket.


QUESTION: How bitcoin can replace fiat?

ANSWER: Only in the event of a global bloody war under the guise of long-term peacekeeping operations "for the good deed" and only in the form of a temporary reserve digital currency, the creation of a planetary blockchain won't be completed yet. The main digital currency will appear within 5 years with the widespread adoption of quantum computers among corporations.
Digital planetary currency will be initiated with the participation of all coalitions (countries), where the initial share of each country will be pre-registered. But all this will be with other blockchain mechanisms. Bitcoin today is just an 11-year test. Our CEO says that soon (by earthly standards) we will witness a significant evolution of the blockchain. We can say it will be blockchain version 2.0, but aimed at containing huge price fluctuations, as it happens daily in Bitcoin, but also allowing you to earn on its fluctuations, like the exchange rates of national currencies. The national currency, by the way, will soon disappear but will remain in human memory, as a tribute to the old traditions of the corrupt world.


QUESTION: As we both know its really hard to hold bitcoin due to his volatility.

ANSWER: You don't need to hold it, it is necessary to earn on it while holding money in RBCM. You can be a trader sitting 24 hours behind the monitor and trying to earn crumbs, or just go in for algorithms based on neural networks.


QUESTION: Soon mining won't be profitable as well...

ANSWER: Yes, there will remain the most persistent. Those who have a large airbag out of money or government support. For the most part, these will be Chinese miners with equipment in the mountains and lower payment for electricity. By the way, now in several countries (especially China), despite the Covid-19, small mining cities from several corporations are being created. A crypto city is also being built near the dam. In the future, such mining cities will become centers for verifying the transactions of the planetary blockchain.


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